City on the Prowl for 8th Annual Long Beach Bike Count Volunteers • Long Beach Post

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With dramatic increases in bicycle ridership and significant investments in expanding bikeways networks, the annual Long Beach Bike Count plays an important role in Long Beach’s progress regarding bicyclists, according to city officials. 

As such, the city needs as many helping hands as possible to help out with the annual project. It is seeking volunteers for its Eighth Annual Bike Count, to be hosted on Sunday, 18 from 12:00PM to 2:00PM, it announced today.

According to a release issued Thursday afternoon, volunteers can select their participation location from among 30 sites throughout the city, in addition to receiving gift certificates and other thank you gifts.

The city conducts bike counts in order to improve the safety and quality of life within Long Beach by analyzing the impact of projects and providing data for grant applications, the release stated. The annual count provides valuable metrics to the city in the categories of capacity, ridership trends and the value of investments.

The city stated that the 30 sites selected for the 2015 count are along upcoming project routes, areas identified for safety improvement and sites that have consistently counted in the past.

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