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My name is Thaddeus Anderson, and I will be your chili chef for the day. This simple recipe feeds 4 people, and has allowed me to win multiple awards at many chili cook-off contests from Southern California all the way down to La Bufadora, Mexico.

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According to Linda Stradley, and the website What’s Cooking America, chili’s history came into focus in the mid 19th Century:

Records were found by a Everrette DeGolyer (1886-1956), a Dallas millionaire and a lover of chili, indicating that the first chili mix was concocted around 1850 by Texan adventurers and cowboys as a staple for hard times when traveling to and in the California gold fields and around Texas. Needing hot grub, the trail cooks came up with a sort of stew. They pounded dried beef, fat, pepper, salt, and the chile peppers together into stackable rectangles which could be easily rehydrated with boiling water. This amounted to “brick chili” or “chili bricks” that could be boiled in pots along the trail. DeGolyer said that chili should be called “chili a la Americano” because the term chili is generic in Mexico and simply means a hot pepper. He believed that chili con carne began as the “pemmican of the Southwest.”

For this recipe, I will be using an Antique Vintage 1962 Frigidaire Electric Range stove to cook my chili. So get your sharpest knife and best cutting board out; you will need them to prepare today’s award winning chili (a good food processor will also work wonders for your required mincing).

IMG 1799

• 6 Tbl. Olive Oil
• 2 lb. ground beef
• 2 Tbl of liquid smoke
• 4 Tbl. garlic powder or 6 cloves fresh garlic- minced
• 1 whole sweet onion minced
• 4 Tbl. sugar or 4 Tbl. Light Agave Nectar
• 3 Tbl. Chili powder (the darker the chili powder, the spicier it is)
• 6 Tbl. ground cumin – ((very important))
• 2 Tbl Rooster Red hot sauce
• 2 tsp. Italian seasoning
• 4 tsp. black pepper
• 4 bell peppers: 2 yellow, 2 orange
• 2 cups low sodium beef broth
• 2 cups organic salsa of your choice
• 2 cans of tomato paste
• 2 cans black beans (Bush’s is best- and organic if you can) Rinsed
• 2 cans of kidney beans Rinsed
• 1 can whole kernel corn (sweet is okay) – rinsed

Heat oil to approximately 350 degrees, in pot or crock pot.

IMG 1805

Make sure you mix all dry spices together in a separate bowl before adding to the meat. Add onions, ground beef, and all dry spices. Stir occasionally until beef is cooked.

IMG 1806

Make sure to rinse the canned beans & corn in a pasta strainer before adding to the simmering cooked meat in the pot.

IMG 1807

You must mince, by hand or with a food processor, all bell peppers and onions. After that is done, you may add everything else on the ingredients list to the cooking meat in the pot.

IMG 1808

After everything has been added, wait 5 minutes, and then lower the temperature on the stove to approximately 230 degrees. Put the lid on the pot, and make sure that you simmer for a minimum of 1-2 hours (very important).

IMG 1809

Once everything else has simmered long enough, serve with some fresh French bread.

Congratulations, you are now a certified chili chef!

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