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Photos by Angela Truong.

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The first LBC Food Truck Crawl hosted by Belly BombZ brought expectedly delicious grub to Victory Park on Sunday, but was described by attendees as a bit of a disappointment.

The information about the event was posted on Facebook with a list of food trucks that were attending, which included Belly BombZ, Dogtown Dogs, The Big Cheese Truck, as well as two more savory and one dessert food truck. Local artists and musicians were also welcomed to the event, however an absence of entertainers was evident during the first few hours.

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Three food trucks out of the promised six, Belly BombZ, The Big Cheese Truck and Scooter’s, were parked in front of the Aqua Condominiums near a small park with a few benches. Most attendees were pedestrians wandering through during lunchtime, while some had seen the Facebook event page. Despite low attendance the trucks stuck around until 9:00PM.

“I was hoping for a food festival. They said there would be entertainment and stuff like that and then it’s not really that so I feel like they lied or false advertisement,” said one event attendee.

The attendee and her friend suggested the crawl be relocated to a bigger park where Farmers Markets are held. They also suggested there be entertainment and a wider variety of food trucks if Belly BombZ plans to host another event in the near future.

While the event didn’t turn out as expected, the food certainly made up for it.

I tried out Mom’s Recipe and the Spicy Garlic Parmesan wings from Belly BombZ, which serves Korean-inspired wings and sliders. Their most popular wings item is the Firecracker—a sweet, spicy, traditional Korean fried chicken, which you can order boneless or not.

Placed on top of their Miso Citrus Slaw, the Parmesan wings were my favorite out of the two. It had the most aroma and tasted as good as it smelled. The wings weren’t too spicy and tasted just like how they were described with garlic, buffalo sauce and Parmesan cheese. The slaw was also a perfect side since it was sweet and juicy, which balanced out the wings. I also got the crispy pork belly sliders along with the garlic and thyme fries. The pork belly wasn’t as crispy as described but the strong flavors from the fries were delicious and I would definitely go back for them.

At the Big Cheese Truck, I ordered their most popular sandwich, The Bossman, which has Pepper Jack cheese, turkey, bacon and avocado on Sourdough bread. I could taste all the flavors all in one bite along with the tomatoes I had added to the sandwich. It was definitely worth the $11. The prices for their sides and sandwiches ranged from $5 to $12.

Scooter’s, an Italian ice dessert food truck, offered many flavors from watermelon and strawberry to rainbow and tie-dye. Prices ranged from $3 to $7 depending on the size and add-ons. The rainbow Italian ice consisted of three colors and flavors—red strawberry, white lemon and blue blueberry—which gave a strong taste of sweetness and a hint of sour. The texture of the Italian ice is very smooth and simply melts in your mouth.

A Belly BombZ spokesperson said the LBC Food Truck Crawl will take place again this upcoming Sunday. A request for comment on the “false advertisement” that was the Facebook event page went unanswered.

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