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Let’s be clear here: This is not a review nor a recommendation, rather it is about a very smart pivot by the owner of the restaurant space at 1035 E. Fourth St.

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When Sid Soffer initially took over the space, he flung the doors open to welcome folks to 1035 Thai Place. Remember? Probably not, since the decision proved ill-fated: with Star of Siam, Thai Silk, Blue Heaven, Thai District, Naree Thai, and Bai’plu all within a 1.5-mile radius, it wasn’t long before the pricey Thai Place was no more.

Enter Jounetsu Ramen.

The outside of Jounetsu Ramen (puppy not included). Courtesy of Yelp!/Chris W.

Following the abrupt closure of Mr. Makoto (which served mediocre ramen at best), Jounetsu’s soft opening—which happened after a very quick turnover by its owners that spanned less than three months—is a welcomed addition to the Fourth Street scene.

For $11 to $12 a bowl, Jounetsu serves up a multitude of different ramens: Shoyu, which is Asahikawa-style ramen with a soy-based broth that can you can make vegan or meaty; Miso, which is Sapporo ramen based out of the Hokkaido region of Japan; classic Hakata-style, with its rich tonkotsu, Korabuto pork-based broth; and a vegetable ramen. This comes with small selections of rolls, rice bowls, and appetizers.

For now, Jounetsu Ramen is continuing its soft opening, looking to sneak in as a part of the neighborhood once they have their wheels well-greased. Until then, I am sure the revelers of Fourth will find this place a happy addition to their noodle offerings.

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