Long Beach Foodie Update: Beachwood, Blendery Both Win Medals at GABF; Gourmet Sammies Coming to DTLB • Long Beach Post

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Photo above by Brian Addison.

Make no mistake about it, Long Beach: DTLB is home to one of the best brewpubs in the nation—and just one year after Beachwood BBQ & Brewing was been named the world’s best large brewpub at the Brewers Association’s 2016 World Beer Cup, they took home two medals the Great American Beef Fest (GABF).

One was the Gold Medal for Beachwood’s Hoppa Emeritus in the American Black Ale category while the other was the Bronze Medal for Blendery’s Dia de los Mangos in the Chili Beer category.

Beachwood is no stranger to awards: it has scored the Best Brewpub honor twice at the GABF, along with a plethora of other metals for their beers.

Meanwhile, down the way from Beachwood on the Promenade, Foundation Sandwich shop is set to open, offering up some much needed sandwich power that goes beyond Modica’s and Jimmy John’s.

From short rib melts with pickled onions and arugula to vegan Moroccan chickpea salad sandwiches, Foundation is trying to aim for the fast-casual crowd with a mixture of new wave grub to classics. Their Italiano is your grinder dream with Genoa salami, mortadella, calabrese, fresh mozzarella, roasted red bell peppers, olive tapenade, and garlic aioli while their Sweet & Spicy Bacon sammie aims for the new school vibe with bacon, apricot jam, fresh jalapeños, and crumbled blue cheese.

In other words, if their sandwiches come out as good as they sound, they’ll be a welcomed addition to DTLB’s growing grub scene.

Beachwood BBQ & Brewing is located at 210 E. 3rd St.; Beachwood’s Blendery is located at 247 Long Beach Blvd.; and the Foundation Sandwich Shop is located at 140 Promenade. 

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