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Photos courtesy of Cabinet Room.

Just as Recreational Coffee announces that they’re aiming for being named America’s Best Espresso while also trying to score some Good Food Awards while also being an essential part of Long Beach’s ridiculous roasting scene

Just as Aroma di Roma expands into DTLB with the coolest patio ever…

Just as Cuppa Cuppa brings Rose Park beans westerly into the historic Cooper Arms Building…

Hell, even the Starbucks at Ocean & Alamitos was dubbed one of the most beautiful in the world by Cosmopolitan.

Cabinet Room comes along, tucked inside the Camden Harbor View apartment complex and right next to Buono’s, and proves one essential thing: DTLB is becoming the city’s heart of caffeination and, even with the excessive amount of Starbucks, proves it is harnessing specialty coffee in a way that their only competition is the stretch of caffeine awesomeness that is 4th Street, from Rose Park at Freeman to Wide Eyes Open Palms at Cherry.

Cabinet is not fearful of what I call Kind Snobbery in coffee: they have Kyoto cold brew over Toddy-style—meaning they brew their iced coffee one patient drip at a time in handsome glass towers that use the power of time rather than the power of temperature to extract aromas and flavors—but they also have good ol’ mochas and caramel lattes.

If you stop in, go for the seasonal stuff. Their Honey Oat Latte is simply magnificent—and even better, it’s served without the bitterness that accommodates stuffy coffee shops. Go.

Cabinet Coffee is located at 250 W Ocean Blvd. in DTLB.

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