Long Beach Foodie Update: After Closing Shop in DTLB, Brass Lamp to Open ‘Little Brass’ Coffeeshop at LGB • Long Beach Post

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Photos courtesy of Samantha Argosino.

When Samantha Argosino first came to Long Beach, she felt she could create a vibe that no one else had.

All too often, the artist and the writer, the innovator and the budding entrepreneur are shooed away from their cluttered tables at coffeeshops as baristas close shop. Shuffling toward the exit, they do not want to go home to face another night alone but also do not necessarily want to socialize. They look longingly toward the entrance of a bar, wishing it wasn’t filled with extraordinarily loud music or people more focused on Tinder than creative conversation.

Argosino has felt this pang continually when, often finding herself wide awake at 11 while working or reading, wanting to be out—and working or reading. Not necessarily socialize but be around others, to be inspired, to people watch.

This was the inspiration behind the Brass Lamp, which sadly closed its doors nearly a year ago after becoming Long Beach’s first book bar and leaving a void in the spirit of an introvert’s watering hole.

But Argosino, ever the entrepreneur, has officially closed a deal with Long Beach Airport (LGB) to open The Little Brass Cafe—a play on The LBC—in the airport’s historic terminal.

Replacing Daugherty’s Cafe, it will be the first location in Argosino’s eventual overall plan that involves creating a nonprofit coffee bar in another location where 100% of the net proceeds go directly to charities of the coffee buyer’s choice.

The first Little Brass Cafe at LGB is set to open within the coming weeks.


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