Long Beach Foodie Update: Frank’n’Fries Opens in Zaferia with Dogs, Funnel Cake, More • Long Beach Post

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Photo above by Mark Bijasa. Photo below by Brian Addison.

The spot that used to hold the much-loved but now-gone Sliced & Diced eatery has finally found its replacement: after a year of holding up a Frank’n’Fries sign, the hot dog joint is finally open for visitors to get down on their offering of meat’n’buns.


The menu is super straight-forward: pick a style, pick a side, go for it.

The Long Beach is a bacon-wrapped dog with avocado and cheddar; the Los Angeles is a bacon-wrapped dog with grilled bell peppers, onion, ketchup, and mayo; the New York is just a dog with sauerkraut and spicy mustard; the Detroit is a chili dog…

They even have a Vietnamese dog that comes with spicy mayo, cucumber, fresh jalapeño, shredded carrots, and cilantro, harkening to the country’s famed bánh mì.

My recommendation? Go for the sampler: four half-dogs of your choosing. Oh, and the funnel cake—it’s truly awesome.

Frank’n’Fries is located at 3201 E. Anaheim. 

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