Long Beach Foodie Update: Holé Molé Goes Brunch, Zaferia Awaits Gourmet Dogs • Long Beach Post

Photos by Brian Addison.

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Holé Molé serves a purpose—and even those who don’t feel it’s anywhere near authentic Mexican food still dine there because it is a joint that is opened after the bars close or one that offers a pile of carne asada fries for days when you’re feeling like indulging.

Well, now its Obispo location, certainly one of the cutest with its patio, wants to be your favorite mimosa spot.

That’s right: Holé Molé is going brunch.

FrankFries-0576Indeed, mimosas and micheladas, ranchero sopes and chorizo hash are all a part of the weekend menu being served 8AM to 2PM. Other items include carnitas chilaquiles, breakfast tacos, and pozole verde.

Meanwhile, over in the Zaferia District, the spot that used to hold the much-loved but now-gone Sliced & Diced eatery has long been holding up a Frank’n’Fries sign since August of last year—and while still-covered eating bars remain outside, it is unclear when if the joint will even open.

However, their Instagram brags of great dogs and funnel cake so we’ll happily await their doors opening—if they ever will.

Holé Molé is located at 421 Obispo Ave. and Frank’n’Fries is located at 3201 E. Anaheim. 

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