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Photos courtesy of the San Pedro Fish Market.

Mike Ungaro’s San Pedro Fish Market, open since 1965, is the stuff of legend: the state’s largest seafood restaurant, it heaps piles of shrimp, mussels, clams, octopus, lobster, calamari, halibut, crab, and scallops for your gluttonous delight. In fact, between it and the Crusty Crab—the other restaurant in San Pedro’s famed Ports O’ Call complex in the Port of Los Angeles—they serve 1.1M people every year.

Yes, that’s “million” with an M.

And now, Ungaro has announced that the market will be opening a second location right here in Long Beach along Alamitos Bay, replacing the Joe’s Crab Shack at 6550 Marina Dr.

According to Ungaro, it will take three to four months to score their alcohol license while they spruce up the place to accommodate San Pedro Fish Market’s style: pick your seafood, tell ’em how you want it cooked, pick some toppings, and take your tray of oceanic culinary wonder to a table to indulge.

One of our go-to faves? Their famed tray of jumbo shrimp with potatoes, peppers, and yes, an entire loaf of fresh bread to soak up the juicy runoff. (Speaking of shrimp, this year, the Market garnered social media attention unlike any other after the launch of their “World’s Largest Seafood Tray” back in June that featured more than 50 pounds of shrimp alone. Oh, and they also fry sheepshead fish to a damn perfection.)

If we can offer one suggestion to Ungaro, it would be to somehow include the tiny candy stand at Ports O’ Call that sell some of the best homemade Mexican candies this side of Boyle Heights. Yes, even after the seafood, some camote (candied sweet potato), cocada (coconut candy), and the best Mexican fudge ever, jamoncillo de leche.

Welcome to Long Beach, San Pedro. Our arms and bellies are open.


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