Long Beach Foodie Update: Snoop Dogg Partners with Jack in the Box for Long Beach-Only $4.20 Meal • Long Beach Post

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Jack in the Box’s chief marketing officer Iwona Alter put it this way: “We are about welcoming all of our guests, no matter what they’re craving or why they’re craving it.”

That last part explains their not-so-subtle nod toward the state’s legalization of recreational marijuana by way of partnering with Long Beach’s Snoop Dogg, under his Merry Jane cannabis brand, to offer a “Merry Munchie Meal” that costs $4.20 and is served solely at three Long Beach locations.

This marks another major corporate brand delving into the pot scene (though Jack in the Box has been unabashed about catering to stoners). Netflix took a quick hit by partnerning with a weed dispensary to create 12 strains of weed that were directly based on or connected to some their most popular shows while General Mill’s frozen pizza brand Totino’s has straight-up posted billboards that urge bong rippers to mow down on their rolled pizzas.

Jack in the Box will be more like Netflix in being unabashedly connected to marijuana as it will include an image of the pot leaf directly by its logo on the meal’s box.

The Merry Munchie Meal, test running from January 18 through 25, is part of the San Diego-based chain’s late night menu and will offer half-servings of curly fries and onion rings, two tacos, five mini churros, three crispy chicken strips, and a small drink.

It will be offered at these locations:

  • 5601 Pacific Coast Highway
  • 3032 Palo Verde Avenue
  • 652 Atlantic Avenue

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