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Whenever people think I’m stepping into The Attic, I am actually stepping into the Belmont Heights Liquor because I have a somewhat unhealthy obsession with liquor stores and ma’n’pa markets (including the actual Ma’n’Pa Grocery off of Roycroft).

From Benson’s Liquor welcoming me with their utterly awesome neon sign to Stearns Liquor reminding me of how Long Beach was ahead of the craft beer curve (and reminds me of how friend and beer writer Aaron Carroll talks about Stearns being the sole place to score Sierra Nevada in the entire city back in the early 1990s)… I have a soft spot for these local spots because, if even for a minute, I am removed from the healthy dose of capitalistic consumerism that is a Total Wine or BevMo and, to be honest, I get some beer I can’t score elsewhere.

This includes discovering little gems like a Made-in-Long-Beach, black-canned six-pack of Steady’s Grasshopper IPA.

The tiny but mighty operation known as Steady Brew Beer Co. has been selling its beers for a bit but now the time has come for them to open their first tap room near Clark and Spring in East Long Beach, bringing a warmly welcomed and much needed dose of craft beer in the area otherwise known for nothing but Baja Sonora.

This past week, the crew began moving in their brewing equipment after scoring their alcohol license.

Four beers will be offered: the two beers they currently can, a 4.3& ABV blonde ale by the name of Thirsty Bird and their 6.4% ABV IPA known as Grasshopper along with a 6.7% ABV Belgian tripel dubbed Rocking Horse and an American Ale called PUMPJACK, sitting at 5% ABV.

Steady Brew Beer Co.’s first tap room will be located at 2936 Clark Ave.

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