Long Beach Foodie Update: Yup, There’s Going to Be a Joint Called Baerrito and It Will Serve ‘International Burritos’ • Long Beach Post

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Photo courtesy of MK Paulsen and Ella Gale.

It was only a matter of time before the puniverse owned by phở restaurants—Simply Phở You, Twenty-Phở-Seven, Phở-nomenon, Phở Shizzle…—was to be slightly overridden.

Little did we know it would be by Baerrito.

Looking to open next January where Alamitos and Orange meet 16th Street, the fast-casual joint will focus on what owners and couple Amanda Wong, of both Mexican and Chinese descent, and Rachel Andrus, called “international burritos.”

“We are bringing Chinese, Filipino, Indian, French, East Coast to West Coast and, of course, Latino flavors to the traditional burrito,” Wong said. “We came from Sacramento and decided to come here and start something new. We felt Long Beach was the perfect place to begin.”

What does this translate into? Curry burritos? Chicken cordon bleu burritos? A lumpia burrito? Maybe a carb-on-carb Chinese dumpling burrito a la the Ramen Burrito everyone talks about?

That’s up in the air as Wong and her bae are working every day to perfect the menu, preserve the flavors without disrespecting the almighty burrito, and paying proper homage to California’s second-favorite food (behind tacos). However, Wong offers some hints.

“I was raised on Chinese sausages and dim sum,” Wong said. “Chinese food is very close to me and I want to keep those flavors as bold as possible. I fell in love with Filipino food after living in Daly City a few years ago. I’m especially excited for our chicken adobo burrito, longanisa breakfast burrito, and I’m hoping to bring in tocino as well. We are ever changing and will be having specials as often as possible to see what the community likes.”

Bring it, ladies.

“Our hope is to bring the community flavors that they love and recognize while also tossing in some other flavors that they might not have yet explored,” Andrus said.

Baerrito will be located at 1626 Orange Ave.

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