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Photo courtesy of Beachwobod BBQ & Brewing. 

When it comes to Beachwood BBQ & Brewing—with their lambic-inspired offshoot Blendery as well as their newer Huntington Beach brewery and bottling space—it is hard to argue that they not only make the best beer in the city but possibly in the region.

And they now have more hardware to prove it.

The brewery took home four medals at this year’s World Beer Cup, held every two years, with two honoring its Long Beach brewing hub and two honoring its Huntington Beach space.

Long Beach was honored with two silvers, one for their Pablo Escobeer in the Coffee Beer category and another for their famed Mocha Machine in the Coffee Stout or Porter category. Huntington Beach scored a silver for Udder Love in the Sweet Stout or Cream Stout category as well as a bronze for their Hoppa Emeritus in the American-Style Black Ale category.

“We couldn’t be more excited and proud to be taking home four medals from World Beer Cup 2018 and also being a part of the 14 medals won by [other regional breweries],” said Aaron Carroll of Beachwood.

This follows their recognition as the world’s best gastropub  at the last awards session for the World Beer Cup in 2016 as well as scoring Champion Brewery at San Diego International Beer Competition earlier this week.

The Blendery also won multiple awards at the LA International Beer Competition at the end of April, being honored with a bronze for their Why We’re Here sour in the Wood- or Barrel-Aged Sour category as well as a bronze for their Careful With That Peach lambic in the Belgian-style Lambic or Sour category.

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