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Seoulmate’s signature dish, “Mom’s Kimchi Pork Stew.” Photos by Gisela Merino.

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A small Korean-fusion restaurant stands where Moshers Gourmet once served up sandwiches on 7th Street , it’s roof now painted pink with a bold logo facing the streets: Seoulmate. A tiny, quick-to-serve hut fitting the rush of traffic facing a high school and park, Seoulmate opened November 19 with eight items on itsSeoulmate2 menu.

Among the offerings are Korean staples like bibimap and Kimichi pork stew as well as three barbecue platters–with kimchi, rice and salad on the side–and three Korean-style burritos with an added option of avocado. Seoulmate is the second Korean restaurant in Long Beach and the first with a walk-up counter and Mexican-influenced menu.

“Things have been going great for us,” restaurant operator Jason Kang said. “People seem really excited to have a Korean place in the neighborhood.”

Seoulmate’s star dish is “Mom’s Kimchi Pork Stew,” a recipe straight from Kang’s mother. Possibly the spiciest dish on the menu, the stew dish is generous with its pork, making the broth hearty and thick. The burritos are also large, thicker than an adult’s wrist.


With every meal comes a complimentary chocolate chip cookie wrapped in a clever poem making light of the area’s poor parking options.

Every dish is served ready to go, even if the customer intends to go only as far at the back of the patio among the wall of leaves and lights. With no indoor seating, Seoulmate’s kitchen encompasses most of the cozy establishment. Kang takes orders at the side window besides chef Michael Martinez, overlooking the picket-fence patio of seven small tables.


Seoulmate’s bugogi, which is thinly sliced ribeye marinated in a sweet sesame and soy sauce base.

Though Mosher’s kosher sandwiches may be missed (visit its second location on Ocean Blvd. Downtown), Seoulmate brings a Korean twist to the Californian mold of urban eating at affordable prices–the highest priced dish goes for $12.50. The wait isn’t long for service and though the bustle of traffic is only yards away, the small patio and warm service make Seoulmate a fine place to sit down on a sunny day.

Located on 4712 E. 7th Street, Seoulmate is open from Tuesday to Saturday 11 AM to 10 PM. Their menu is available online.

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