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The Hat!!! There is not much to say other than that…but then, I usually say about three times more than I need to, so let’s talk pastrami.

The Hat has been a San Gabriel Valley main-stay since 1951. I grew up in La Verne and my parents both grew up in Covina, so we have been privy to some of the best greasy spoons there is, and the Hat tops that list. The closest location to Long Beach is in Brea, right off the 57 Freeway. Some people may claim that pastrami is pastrami, but I am here to tell you that is false!

So what is it that makes the Hat the best? The two simple steps that make or break a great pastrami:

1. The pastrami is very finely shaved so you never get that fatty piece that you can’t bite through.

2. The bread is not overly soaked with dip or mustard, but serves as an excellent complement accompanied by the correct amount of pickles.

It really is that simple. I have tasted many different takes on pastrami and I think that they all taste pretty good (remember, I’m a foodie!), except for the places that try to class it up too much, resulting in a dry and unsatisfying pastrami. The Hat really does it best.

But then there are the gigantically-portioned sides which take this place from a four- to a five-star pastrami experience. Chili Cheese Fries!! They take a mound of fries and put them on a cardboard drink holder. They then put four scoops of this thick, meaty, flavorful chili and two cups of grated cheddar cheese on top. It all melts together and, voila! You have greatness. If you want to make it insane, just ask to add pastrami. The Chili Cheese Fries are not the only large-portioned side available for satisfying your guilty pleasure. A small order of fries is about half a pound, and the same goes for the onion rings. If burgers are your bag, then you’ll be happy to find the menu includes pastrami-laden Colossal Burgers, equal only in name to menu items offered at similar establishments. It is large and in charge, and you will not be able to put it down!

If all of this seems to be a little too caloric for you, they also offer a wealth of different sandwiches such as roast beef, turkey and avocado, hot dogs, and many other choices. This is the kind of stuff you see the girlfriends eating while their men are covered in chili from ear to ear. But I digress. Get to one of the locations and make this happen for yourself, and life will never be the same (well, at least your pastrami life won’t be the same).

Until Next Time, Keep Eating SoCal,


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