Name: Dawna Bass

Restaurant: Under The Sun

Years as a chef: 4

Favorite dish to make: raw cakes!

Training/Experience: Hands-on in my kitchen is my only training. DIY, hands-on learning, and being alone while doing it is how I learn best.

Cooking influences: I’ve never really been influenced by any chefs or anything in the past. I am influenced mostly by nature and to be honest, fruits and veggies have probably been my biggest influence! Though, since creating Under the Sun with Chrissy, I have met other chefs who actually have influenced me. They have inspired me to allow myself to have more fun instead of stressing while trying to reach for perfection.

Earliest food memory: My earliest food memories aren’t exactly my favorites, so I’d rather mention the good ones: those that are being made at our cafe and the events we do with other chefs in the community. Working at Music Tastes Good was really a great experience, from the stress I put on myself for two months prior, all the way through the end cleanup. I learned a lot about my capacity and what I am capable of and I had a blast. It helped me to see that I can allow myself to enjoy the entire process and I can survive, and even thrive.

Instagram: @underthesunlb @rainbowjuicelb @dawnaapproved

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