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As friends and family continue to grapple with the death of Ryan Anderson, the 29-year-old man who was killed last week by a homeowner after entering a residence on 3rd St., separate fundraising efforts in Long Beach and Seattle, Anderson’s hometown, hope to relieve the family’s financial burdens following their son’s death.

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RyAndFundThe Bump N’ Grind, a 90s themed bi-monthly dance party hosted at Que Sera, will be donating proceeds from this Saturday’s event to the Anderson family. Organizers from Bump N’ Grind are encouraging people to come out and dance to hip hop and R&B in Anderson’s memory with the $5 cover charge being donated to his parents in Washington.

Erin Rubin met Anderson ten years ago while working at a coffee shop in Redmond, WA and briefly shared a home with him. She said she always kept in contact with him, even while he lived in Long Beach.

After his death, she started an online fundraiser, hoping to reach a goal of $10,000. The campaign has already reached over $5,000 dollars and still has 30 days left on its ticker. Rubin said the outpouring of support in his memory is a testament to the abundance of people Anderson touched and that his family is extremely grateful for everything given so far.

“Almost halfway to our goal in 24 hours of putting the word out is incredible,” Rubin said. “I have no idea what the costs will be at the end of all of it. And there is no real financial compensation for such a tragic loss. But it’s one of the unfortunate things you face. If we can provide his family with relief on any level I can feel better about the distance between us right now.” 

A candlelight vigil held earlier this week where nearly 90 people gathered to remember Anderson, making visible the impact he had on this community. The group marched from Hole Mole at 4th and Obispo to the intersection of 3rd St. and Gladys near the home where he was fatally shot, eventually ending at Anderson’s own home.

Both people in this city and his hometown of Seattle have expressed disbelief over the allegations that the events leading to his death were filled with criminal intent, instead insisting it was a drunken walk home gone wrong.

“There isn’t a single person in Ryan’s life that believes he is capable of the crime that was suggested in leading to his death,” Rubin said. “On top of our mourning, we’re desperately trying and waiting for the information that will prove the true misunderstanding that occurred.”

Precisely what happened the night that led to Anderson’s death may never be known, and if it is, it will certainly take time to figure out. His family has flown in from the Pacific Northwest to deal with the legalities and plan for his memorial, one that is certain to be packed considering the outpouring of support and condolences the family has already received.

“His family is extremely grateful and shocked at the response,” Rubin said. “There is no doubt that Ryan has an abundance of loving friends and family that want to do what they can in this time of need. Even a small donation makes us a part of one bigger feeling and offering.”

Que Sera is located at 1923 East 7th Street and information regarding the fundriser can be found at the events page for the Bump N’ Grind Dance Party fundraiserDonations can be made to the Anderson memorial here.

Jason Ruiz covers transportation for the Long Beach Post. Reach him at [email protected] or 951-310-1772.

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