Two Long Beach Restaurants Remain Closed Following Discovery of Live Roaches

Two Long Beach restaurants remained closed Monday after city health officials discovered live cockroaches at the businesses last week.

Health officials closed down the Peppercorner, located at 601 East Broadway Avenue, on Tuesday, July 7, when inspectors discovered more than seven live cockroaches at the service counter, according to Environmental Health Bureau Manager Nelson Kerr.


A Google Maps screenshot of Peppercorner in Long Beach.

H&H Fast Food, located at 2017 Orange Avenue, was closed down Thursday, July 9, when five live cockroaches were observed at the warewashing station, he said.


A Google Maps screenshot of H&H Fast Food in Long Beach.

Both businesses will remain closed until they are free of vermin and the condition is verified by the health department.

No additional information was available at this time. The Post will update this article as we learn more. 

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