Live Cockroaches, Mouse Droppings Force Temporary Closure of Long Beach Restaurant Last Week

cafecito salvoradenoLong Beach health inspectors ordered the temporary closure of a Salvadoran restaurant last week when they discovered 15 live cockroaches and 20 mouse droppings, according to an inspection report.

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Cafecito Salvoradeno, at 412 West Anaheim Street, was ordered to shut down on Wednesday, August 12 and was reopened by the Health Department on Saturday, August 15, due to the facility eliminating the rodent and cockroach infestation, said Consumer Protection Program Supervisor Keith Allen.

At the time of the inspection, the health inspector observed 15 live German and brown-banded cockroaches in the kitchen on the floor and back doorway.

Cockroach fecal spotting was also observed at the back doorway and on the wall of the customer area.

About 20 mouse droppings and a nest beneath the storage shelf in the customer area was also observed.

The report also mentioned that the business at the time had rodent poison as well as ant and roach sprays and powder improperly applied and stored.

In addition, the inspector observed that employees handled dirty utensils then raw food without properly washing hands.

On Yelp the Latin American eatery has mostly favorable reviews, with an average four out of five stars.

Above, left screenshot of Cafecito Salvoradeno from Google Maps. 

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