Long Beach Thai Restaurant Reopens Wednesday Following Week-Long Roach Infestation

 pandanus leaf

A Long Beach Thai restaurant reopened its doors on Wednesday—more than a week after being temporarily shut down by city health officials for a cockroach infestation, according to health reports.

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What began as a reinspection on Tuesday, November 10 of Pandanus Leaf—located in the city’s Poly High neighborhood—for prior violations, turned into a temporary suspension of the business’s health permit due to “vermin infestation” and “vermin harborage,” the report stated.

The inspector reported seeing live and dead cockroaches and mouse dropping at various locations, including the dining area and kitchen.

Other violations included a broken restroom door, the use of unauthorized pesticides, inadequate lighting, using deteriorating utensils and not having a metal probe thermometer or proof of a food safety certification.

During another reinspection on Thursday, November 12, the health inspector upheld the suspension of the facility’s health permit after observing more than 30 mouse droppings beneath the service counter and two live brown-banded cockroaches on the kitchen wall.

In addition, noodles and brussel sprouts being held at improper temperatures in a glass door cooler were advised to be thrown out due to the food’s potential hazard.

Pandanus Leaf was eventually reopened on Wednesday, November 18. It was last shut down for a few days in September, 2014 for vermin issues, according to the city health department’s website.

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