Obama Name Drops Long Beach, Expresses Interest in Visiting As Part of Healthy Communities Challenge

Long Beach residents may be graced with a visit from President Barack Obama soon—that is, if they manage to beat out thousands of other U.S. cities in signing up the most people who are eligible for health care coverage.

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In an exclusive interview with ABC7, Obama discussed health care in Southern California and the large number of residents without health insurance. He also expressed his interest in visiting the metropolis by the sea—mentioning our beloved city. 

“Whichever city in the country signs up the most people who are eligible for coverage, I’m going to come and visit and I would love to go to Long Beach, particularly, if it’s during the winter,” Obama joked to reporter David Ono.

The chance to get a visit from the president is part of Obama’s Healthy Communtieis Challenge, where the community that makes the most progress gets to receive “bragging rights, a healthier community and a visit from Barack Obama.”


According to Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia, the city will be signing people for health care coverage on Saturday from 8:00AM to 1:00PM at the Health Department at 2524 Grand Avenue. Garcia will be making an appearance at 8:30AM. People can also visit coveredca.com for more information.

President Obama mentions Long Beach in this interview as he encourages folks to sign up for Covered California...

Posted by Mayor Robert Garcia on Friday, January 29, 2016



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