Westside Restaurant Re-opens After Being Closed for Vermin, Sanitary Concerns • Long Beach Post


A Google screenshot of Hapag Kaainan. 

A westside Long Beach Filipino restaurant is open today after being forced to close over the weekend after city inspectors from the department of health and human services cited it for multiple violations including lack of hot water and evidence of vermin.

The restaurant, Hapag Kainan, located on Santa Fe Avenue just south of Willow Street, failed an inspection carried out January 27 where bureau of environmental health workers observed the large holes in some of the walls of the establishment that could’ve possibly contributed to the presence of vermin, cardboard used to line shelving and floors (repeat offense) and no certification stating that a manager had passed a food safety program.

According to a report completed by inspectors, at least one dead mouse was observed during the visit as well as visible rodent droppings on shelving, cans, utensils, equipment and floor areas. The report noted that an employee informed inspectors that the reason for the lack of hot water—something mandated for proper washing of employees hands—was due to a leak of the faucet which led to the fixture being turned off.

A call to the restaurant seeking comment on the closure was answered but a representative from Hapag Kainan was not available.

Among the fixes required by the city for the restaurant to remain in operation are the fixing of holes in the walls at the establishment, the fixing of all plumbing issues and the sanitizing of the food facility and elimination of all vermin activity. The report also calls for a manager to enroll and complete an accredited food safety test within 60 days of the inspection.

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