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During a casual weeknight on Fourth Street, I met with Jackson Thilenius to discuss his latest series of artwork, and his exhibition currently on view at Art du Vin. Driven by the energy of California and the lifestyle of Long Beach, Thilenius began painting figurative narratives. From tattoos to personalities to pets, every painting he creates is a familiar portrayal of the city we all know and love.

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An architect by trade, specializing in restaurants and bars, Thilenius has always created visual art as a contrast to his meticulous and detail oriented profession. A long time advocate for animal rights, he has experimented with paintings speaking out against animal violence, as well as more expressive works interpreting trees and mark marking. When he moved to California, he began looking at the inhabitants as works of art themselves. From the tattoos they have to their fashion, stature, and the way they speak.

“I am drawn to color,” said Jackson, which is more than apparent in his latest series of paintings.

Taking this counterculture to the canvas, he started painting figures in space, dawning colorful tattoos, giant ear piercings and fedoras.  A standout piece from the exhibit shows a favorite bartender from The Pike Restaurant holding up her fiery red hair to show shoulders and arms full of colorful and vibrant tattoo work.

Thilenius’ art is on display now through June 9 at Art du Vin, 2027 E 4th St.


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