Long Beach Rapper Christ Bearer In Stable Condition After Suicide Attempt

Andre “Christ Bearer” Johnson, the Long Beach rap artist who allegedly severed his own penis before throwing himself out the second story window of his North Hollywood apartment Wednesday morning, is in stable condition at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where doctors were unsuccessful in reattaching his mutilated genitalia.

WuChristBearer-LRGWhat is being a ruled a suicide attempt by authorities, came just one day after a new music video featuring Johnson and rapper Rugged Monk was uploaded to Youtube. Several rappers were present at the scene but said that drugs were not a catalyst for his actions and offered that Johnson might be suffering from mental issues.

Since the incident, The Wu-Tang Clan has taken to the web to deny any ties with Johnson. According to Gawker, a since-deleted post from the band’s site read “Parental Advisory: Don’t believe The HYPE. This Mother Fucker Ain’t Got Shit to do with The WUTANG Brand.”

However, Northstar is still listed on the roster of affiliated bands on a website named www.WuTangCorp.net, which is described as the “home of The Wu-Tang Clan and Killa Bees."

Johnson’s rap group duo, Northstar, has been part of the Long Beach music scene for over a decade. The “North” in their name pays homage to their roots in North Long Beach and the “Star” a tribute to the word’s importance throughout black history.

Northstar gained notoriety when they were discovered outside a Los Angeles radio station by Wu Tang Clan member and de-facto leader, RZA, who took them under his wing, signing them to a record deal and releasing their debut album.

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