Downtown Long Beach to Come Alive (After Five)

Downtown Long Beach residents and employees now have a great reason to vacate their closed off apartments or stay a little later after work for Live After 5, a monthly event that will activate entertainment venues and non-traditional locations such as vacant storefronts, parks and street corners. The Downtown Long Beach Associates (DLBA) will bring live performers to these venues on the second Thursday of each month in celebration of our city’s local art and music culture.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 1.42.55 PMThe first event will be held on Thursday, November 13 from 6:00PM to 10:00PM at the Federal Bar Underground with performances by Buskerfest 2014 winner Bearcoon, Eagle Rock Gospel Singers and Pebaluna, representing a slew of diverse sounds, a testament to Long Beach’s varietal music scene.

“All of the bands featured at the Live After 5 kickoff are rooted in a retro southern sound but offer a modern twist,” shared Josh Fischel in a written statement, talent curator commissioned by DLBA for the series. “By featuring local favorites as well as emerging regional acts, we are able to celebrate the Long Beach arts scene and introduce fans from around the area to everything Downtown has to offer.”

Bearcoon, known for their self-described “Hillbilly Mountain Blues Lumberjack Rock” are Long Beach favorites with a set of powerful vocals and infectious melodies. Eagle Rock Gospel Singers offer an indie rock inspired by southern gospel sounds and Pebaluna, the latest project from RX Bandits front man Matt Embree, will share their dusty Americana roots sound with the audience. DJ Dust Diggs will keep the audience entertained between sets by spinning old school soul, world music, Brit rock and surf sounds.

Inspired by the Summer and Music concert series (SAM), the DLBA wanted to create another long-lasting event to showcase a music scene that endlessly delivers new and innovative sounds to experience.

“After six years of the Summer and Music concert series, we’ve seen the talent and appetite for live music grow in our Downtown,” shared Kraig Kojian in a written statement, President & CEO of the DLBA. “Live After 5, which was created in the spirit of SAM, will continue to elevate the local music scene by encouraging employees to extend their work day and stay in the Downtown later into the evening, while inspiring residents to return home earlier than usual to enjoy their neighborhoods and all that they offer.”

Future Live After 5 events will take place on the second Thursday of each month, activating multiple locations in various Downtown neighborhoods each night with live music and art from 5-11 p.m. The performers featured each month will present a different unifying theme, giving guests a new reason to come out for each event.

For more information, visit the DLBA’s website here.

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