18th annual Haute Dog Howl’oween Parade heads up the holiday • Long Beach Post

To invoke the spirit of Halloween, over 700 dogs, two pigs and one rooster (the partridge in the pear tree opted to wait until Christmas) flocked with their humans to Marine Stadium Park on Oct. 28. They marched in the annual parade, competed in the costume contests or simply spectated.

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The 18th annual Haute Dogs Howl’oween Parade welcomed at least as many costumed pets and people as it did in 2017—there were 500 parade participants, and Rudd said that there were about 20 more this year.

Hardworking volunteers, judges and event goers were conducted by this guy…

The saints came marchin’ in with event organizer Justin Rudd. Photo by Kate Karp.

…and a collection of lions, tigers, bears and mainly “oh, my” entertained spectators and one another. No racially or culturally inappropriate costumes were permitted, but it was Halloween, so it was, of course, anything goes otherwise.


No clue about what happened to the other Grady twin, unless it had something to do with Mr. Myers.

Aunt Gertie stopped by and cracked wise…

…and the barnyard brigade went whole hog, crowing about their costumes.

This one had to be saved for last, and no surprise that they won the grand prize, which included a year’s supply of Zignature dog food courtesy of Belmont LaunderPet and some cash. An additional top 12 entrants, human and animal, won gift certificates from Petcurean and cash prizes.

Lucy got a Titanic applause for her performance and the float her people, Teresa and George Pisano, constructed for her.

To see more pets and people in costume, visit the Haute Dog Howl’oween Facebook page.

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