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Photo by Tenzin Armenta.

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On October 18, the sun set on a huge crowd that comprised animals and humans of all breeds and creeds and who came to receive blessing from representatives of six faith bases.

“A righteous person cares for the needs of their animals,” quoted Steven Moskewitz, rabbi at Temple Israel, at the Interfaith Blessing of the Animals, which took place at the Granada Avenue boat launch.

Be they religious, spiritual or complete nonbelievers, Rabbi Moskewitz’s quote from the Old Testament Book of Proverbs explains the passionate devotion of loving pet parents, feral cat advocates, Greenpeace activists, people who chase down stray dogs and rescue them, shelter volunteers and supporters, farm-animal rescues and advocates, spay/neuter providers, volunteers in all the animal-centric organizations both national and local, pet rescue organizations, conservationists, the loud protesters against trophy hunting and every spokesperson for the voiceless.

It explains why Justin Rudd and Haute Dogs organizes this annual blessing and why it’s attended in such numbers every year, and why I write about them all.

Photos by Tenzin Armenta.


Photos by Jim “Woody” Woods.


For more photos, click on the link in the article. 

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