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Welcome to the inaugural edition of our online newsletter. Each month, we will keep you informed on matters relating to pet ownership and provide updates on the latest medical information. Today, we want to familiarize you with the layout of our website.

This site is designed to provide ease of use as well as heavy, detailed content. In some of the more complicated diseases, a summary page is included if the content provides more information than you need.  A large amount of high-quality photos help in understanding. You will notice minimal to no advertising on most pages.

In the General Information section, you’ll learn about our facilities and the equipment we use, get directions, and be able to download hospital forms.

The Staff section has the smiling mugs of all our employees. On the Doctors link, you’ll find their bios and maybe share some of their animal-related interests. You can also learn about our externs—the senior students from veterinary schools throughout the world that train with us.

The new Clients & Pets section is a fun page that shows the pictures of our new clients and their pets. We are biased toward kid pictures and find that when we they see themselves on the page, they become more responsible pet owners. Pictures stay up for at least two weeks, so if you come in and get yours taken, make sure you tell all your friends as soon as your photo goes live.

Our biggest and most detailed section is Diseases. You can learn detailed information and view closeup photos and movies of many of the diseases we treat and surgeries we perform. The page was designed to help our pet-loving clients understand diseases and their diagnosis and treatment. Let your friends know about this section if their pet exhibits certain symptoms or if they want to learn how to prevent problems.

In the Alternative Medicine section, we show how acupuncture, homeopathy, laser, and VNA have a place in some diseases and how our doctors use these modalities.

The Learning Center is the area to go for general information on things you can do at home. There is a wide variety of information, with the most popular section being the in-home exam.

And our Wildlife section showcases some of the injured wildlife we care for, along with their treatments. Each year, well over 1,000 injured wildlife patients are treated for free as our community service.

On the home page, you’ll see links to the Wildlife Photography page. This section showcases conservation work that I’ve done and my photography. This area is a tremendous travel log and is the place to go to learn what’s happening around the world that relates to animals and conservation.

Also on the home page is our Facebook link. This is a great way to keep abreast of general occurrences at the hospital. It’s the place where our externs do a daily diary of what they learned for the day.

You can also contact us for routine questions that are of no urgency. In general, it is best to call us because we want to make sure your questions get answered personally and in a timely manner.

We’re looking forward to combining animal-welfare action with interaction. In the next article, we’ll cover the diagnostic process.

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