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David Chant is looking for a test pilot. And not just any test pilot, for his form of transportation involves not a single motor other than a crank and gears. He’s looking for the perfect bicyclist.

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Chant started Beater Bikes with a simple thought: to “make brutally simple bikes that you look good riding.” The idea of “brutally simple” biking means more than catering to the ever-growing bike culture in Long Beach but mostly reaching out to those who don’t bike as is. By creating bicycles that are inexpensive and require low maintenance, Chant believes these two key facets will create an urge for more to ride instead of drive.

And with that thought in mind — making bicycling as easy as possible — he created and developed the Beater Test Pilot Program, in which he distributes his uniquely individual two-wheelers out to pedaling enthusiasts to test ride throughout a bike-oriented city. He wants these test pilots to be nothing short of critical: ride hard, ride a lot, and report back to him on whether his dream of truly inexpensive yet high quality biking can happen for those unable to invest heavily in their bike.

The Bicycle Stand, the relatively new shop on Broadway’s Rainbow Corridor, will help Chant distribute and keep track of his pilot bikes. The bike you could possibly be testing? The Mark II Beater Bike.

Pilots who think they are up to the task can apply here.

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