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A new Summer And Music (SAM) event, “Dancin’ in the Streets,” will take place Saturday night from 7PM to 11PM at the intersection of Pine Avenue and 7th Street.  

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From the event press release:

Picking up where last year’s Buskerfest ended, SAM 2012 is bringing the dance party back to the streets of Downtown. Featuring Long Beach’s live jive-inducing music, spins from the finest local DJs, world-class food trucks (like The Lime Truck, which won Season 2 of The Great Food Truck Race on The Food Network), and a beer garden sponsored by Congregation Ale House, Dancin’ in the Streets is set up to be an evening of shaking and shimmying the likes of which is rarely seen outside of a hot and sweaty dance club.

 Hailing from Huntington Beach, headliner Nick Waterhouse, 24, is a modern-day powerhouse of 1960s sound, pomade and horn-rimmed glasses—about as far from surf culture as you could cultivate. Releasing his debut EP Is That Clear in late 2011 and just recently coming out with his first full-length, Time’s All Gone, Waterhouse’s sonic signature—a Victrola of vintage Soul, Pop 45s, and R&B—will lead the charge of for an electric night of shimmy shaking.

Backing up this throwback king are two of Long Beach’s favorite Soul DJs: Dennis Owens and Lithuanian Prince, each spinning their own brand of dance contagion. Owens, who founded the Long Beach funk and soul club The Good Foot (held every first Friday at Que Sera for nearly 13 years) and has toured as the bassist for Free Moral Agents, knows a thing or two about dance-inducing music. DJ Lithuanian Prince, famous for his rare vinyl collection and infamous for his royal swagger, will only add to the mix.

Admission to Dancin’ in the Streets—as with all SAM events—is free.

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