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4:30pm | Three permanent art projects will be installed around Long Beach in the coming months, thanks to a partnership between the Long Beach Redevelopment Agency and the Arts Council for Long Beach. The three works will be created by two artists selected after a nationwide search. One is from Tucson, Arizona and the other headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. A total of seven public art installations will be completed within the next year.

The first exhibit is entitled Sea Grass by Tucson artist Barbara Grygutis, and is described as a “large-scale public sculpture that captures the ebb and flow of ocean sea grass.” It will be installed at the median of Ocean Boulevard and Chestnut Avenue in downtown Long Beach. The sculpture is to be 30 feet tall and will illuminate at night. Click here for Grygutis’ personal website to see some of her other works.

The other two works of art will be constructed by Brooklyn sculptor John Clement. One, entitled Learning Curves, will be installed at the median of Martin Luther King Boulevard between 19th and 20th Streets, while the other will be installed in the median at Artesia Boulevard just east of Long Beach Boulevard and will be called Ta Da. Click here for Clement’s personal website to see some of his other works.

“A strong public art collection plays a critical role in the development of a city’s identity,” said Arts Council Executive Director Craig Watson. “The Arts Council is pleased to contribute to this major effort to improve and beautify our neighborhoods.”

The effort aims to enhance the community through pride and artistic expression.

“This is a testament to RDA’s on-going commitment to public art,” said Amy Bodek, Executive Director of the Long Beach Redevelopment Agency.  “Expanding the public art collection within our redevelopment project areas help to transform neighborhoods into a culturally exciting art experience for everyone to enjoy.  It enhances the quality of our neighborhoods and our experience of it.”

We will report more information as it becomes available.

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