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We scoured the web over the last week to find you the following bike-related links:

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[VIDEO] ABC News discusses Long Beach’s unknown and (arguably) unneeded bike registration law >>>

[VIDEO] Comedian tries-and fails-at mocking cyclists in his stand-up routine >>>

Long Beach Bike Master plan update. Ride with mobility coordinator Charles Gandy >>>

As plans progress for building a new iconic bridge in Long Beach, advocates press for bike & pedestrian access >>>

Highway group blame pedestrian deaths on walkable communities & ‘aggressive pedestrians’>>>

6 reasons free parking is the dumbest thing you didn’t know you were subsidizing >>>

[VIDEO] “Hey Birds, you guys got little bikes?” A clip from the new show, Portlandia >>>

Bicycle Typogram >>>

Tell Congress to support ongoing funding for bikes >>>

A Metro Blue-Line train strikes & kills a bicyclist in Long Beach >>>

SoCal Residents, in 2009 you wasted 63 hours and $1,464 sitting in your car in traffic. Bicycle, anyone? >>>

The Controversy Over Bike Helmets >>>

Are bike helmets really needed? Photo credit

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