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Three Long Beach-based transit projects—out of over 30 proposals—received funding totaling $200K after being recognized as winners in the  Just Transit Challenge, a proposal that encourages cities to create equitable and climate-friendly transportation solutions.

Long Beach joins Fresno as the two focus cities in the challenge, each having been selected both for the unique transportation challenges they face, as well as the immense opportunities they present for innovation and transformation. Fresno, where the population has exploded over the last decade, requires a reimagining of viable transportation solutions that address the needs of both its rural and urban residents. Meanwhile, Long Beach has a number of mobility options but there is a need to increase the access to alternatives to driving alone, and the mild climate creates an ideal setting to promote human-powered transportation.

“Transportation touches all of our lives almost every day,” said Jamie Dean, Program Director for Renewable Energy & Climate at The 11th Hour Project. “It can be a major asset in bridging communities and opportunities, or it can be a barrier. As the urgency to address climate change and poor air quality increases in California, cities need affordable, accessible, and greener transportation solutions that meet our communities’ ever-evolving needs. And that is what this year’s Just Transit Challenge set out to find.”

The three projects include:

  •  Century Villages at Cabrillo (CVC): The “Once Per Week” initiative will leverage the CVC’s new transit hub and its expanded education and outreach efforts to reduce the number of car trips to the campus. With innovative video broadcasts, infrastructure improvements, and incentive programs, CVC will help its residents (formerly homeless veterans and families), and employees choose cleaner transportation alternatives.
  • Pedal Movement: This project will convert four shipping containers into a network of bicycle service facilities, each providing free bicycle education, low-cost options for repairs and parts, and opportunities to acquire a bicycle for low to no cost. Programming will be directed at new urban riders, especially youth, families, and low-income commuters.
  •  Safe Routes to School: Walk Long Beach wants to ensure cleaner safer neighborhoods for students and their families. The Safe Routes to Schools project (SRTS) promotes walking and biking to school, reducing vehicle emissions and congestion, and building community cohesion and safety awareness.

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