Save Water in Long Beach, One Native Plant at a Time

Photo by Brian Addison.

As the California drought continues to wreak havoc on our lawns and our water-hogging spirits, replacing water-wasting landscaping has become an important and appealing project for Long Beach residents.

Be it the Rancho Los Cerritos expansion of its native California garden or the City's lawn-to-garden rebate program, conserving water while maintaining our landscape's aesthetic appeal has become a call of duty. (And let's not forget that you can just paint your lawn in Long Beach.) While succulents and native plants have become more and more popular, they have also become extremely necessary for saving water.

Just in time for fall planting season, the Friends of El Dorado Nature Center is hosting its annual California native plant sale this Saturday. A wide variety of drought-tolerant natives will be available such as California buckwheat, Coast sunflower, ceanothus, sages and several more.

Current Friends members can arrive early at 9:00AM for a special preview sale, while the general public have from 9:30AM to 2:00PM to find their favorite species of drought-friendly greenery. All proceeds will benefit Friends of El Dorado Nature Center and its habitat restoration efforts. Memberships will be available at the door.

Come and spend a little time in this oasis, take a break from our normally overwhelming urban environment, pick up a plant or two, and start planting this season’s most water-wary natives.

The annual California native plant sale will take place this Saturday, October 25 from 9:00AM to 2:00PM at the El Dorado Nature Center, nestled between the San Gabriel River and the 605 Freeway, at 7550 E. Spring St. For more information call 562-570-1745, visit the city's page or click here for updates via Facebook.

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