Off-Leash Dog Shot At, Not Struck By LBCC Police

A dog discovered inside Veteran's Stadium was shot at when the large mixed breed, which was not on a leash, ran towards uniformed Special Services Officers assigned to Long Beach City College. The dog was not struck. 

The incident occurred around 4:30PM Wednesday afternoon when Long Beach Police Department officers entered the closed-to-the-public Stadium to investigate a report of an open gate. Upon entering, officers saw the dog and its owner, but as they approached the subject to speak with him, the dog ran at the officers and an officer-involved shooting occurred.

"The dog was not hit and after the shots were fired, the dog quickly turned and ran out of the stadium," said a Long Beach Police Department press release.

Assisting officers followed the dog back to its home nearby where Animal Care Services responded and spoke with the dog's owner. No officers were injured.

This shooting occurred just a few days after a Selma, California police sergeant shot and killed five caged pitbulls while trying to transport the aggressive animals to a veterinary clinic to be euthanized, sparking the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles to call for a review of procedures in such cases.

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