Rescuers Seek Homes for 16 Cats, 1 Dog Found Abandoned in Building on 4th St.


Emily Haden, co-founder of Aunty Emily’s Furry Family and one of Abe’s valiant rescuers, informed us early this morning that she had received a call from several concerned citizens that 16 stray cats and one dog had been found abandoned and wandering a filthy warehouse on the corner of 4th St. and Alamitos Blvd.

abandoned-cats-2One of Haden’s pet sitting clients had informed her of the situation, placing her in contact with the property manager who demanded that the cats be out by tomorrow (Thursday) before an exterminator visited the location. Last night around 10:00PM, Haden visited the premises and decided to take action immediately. She discovered that numerous cats were scattered throughout the cluttered area, fleas were rampant, and the felines were suffering from flea anemia, dehydration and malnutrition, despite the commendable work of caring volunteers.

Haden was able to secure five cats and set a trap for a sixth with the help of Joanne Kwast from the Long Beach Spay & Neuter Foundation and the Long Beach Stray Cats Alliance. There are seven more cats in a neighboring unit and one dog who have not been spayed or neutered. One of the cats, whom Haden has taken in herself and named Lilac, has flea allergy dermatitis and cannot be spayed for a month. Another of the cats has a burn on its tongue from chewing on electrical wire.

The cats are in rough shape, according to Haden, yet are incredibly sweet. One cat is in need of antibiotics and possible blood work, but most importantly, these cats are anything but feral and need to find foster homes and adopters as soon as possible. Between midnight last night and this morning Haden and team have lined up space at the Spay Neuter Project Los Angeles in Pico Rivera (SNPLA) and at Uptown Animal Hospital in Long Beach.

The fifteen cats, eight adults and 7 kittens, as well as one dog and one cat that were found by the neighbors that have chipped in to spay and neuter them, are in need of stable homes and funding to get back to their healthy selves. There had been a dozen or so other felines in the facility, according to Haden, that have either escaped or passed away. Haden has organized a Fundrazr for the cause, imploring Long Beach animal lovers to lend a helping hand.


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