Car Accident in Belmont Heights Blocks Eastbound Traffic


Photos by Asia Morris.

A car accident on 4th and Termino had blocked traffic earlier this morning heading east toward Park Ave. 

4thAccidentAsia02The vehicle that caused the accident was heading west on 4th and the driver was allegedly not paying attention to a Parking Patrol vehicle ahead. The patrol vehicle was stopped with its hazard lights blinking next to a parked car.

The moving vehicle swerved left to avoid the patrol vehicle, colliding with a parked car located on the opposite side of the street, according to witnesses.

The passengers of the moving vehicle were able to walk and sit down on the curb. One was taken to the hospital for a more thorough check-up. The woman whose car was hit was apparently attending a Pilates class on 4th and gave her information to the LBPD.

According to Long Beach Fire Department official who chose not to be named, minor injuries were sustained 

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