Harvard Student Stuck in Mexico Finally Able to Return Home to Long Beach Today

A Mexico-born Harvard University student, who was stuck for months in his native country after crossing the border without permission, is finally able to return to the United States and to his family in Long Beach.

Dario Guerrero Meneses was granted a visa in Tijuana early Monday, October 20 and was scheduled to pick up his visa today at 10:00AM. According to his lawyer, Alan Klein, Guerrero will be crossing at Otay Mesa, San Diego today. Guerrero was trying to help his mother find alternative cancer treatments in Mexico that were not available and affordable in the states. He took his mother across the border, hoping to keep her alive a little longer. She died in August.

Guerrero, who was brought into the U.S. illegally at age 2, was initially declared effectively deported by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service because he had crossed the border back into Mexico knowingly and without permission.

According to Klein, Dario tried to secure the correct permit to leave and re-enter America from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service. Klein explained, "He applied for an Advanced Parole with USCIS in June 2014 and waited for it to be issued as long as he could. When he could not wait any longer he left America. He knew this could be problematic for his return but he was hopeful that a solution could be worked out. Thankfully he had a strong humanitarian parole application with a lot of equities. He is an honor student, he has no criminal record, he had been in deferred action with an approved DACA, Dreamer. He has US Citizen family members. He left because of a tragic set of circumstances. He also he had a lot of support from Harvard and from various elected officials in his corner."

Guerrero plans to travel to his father and two siblings who reside in Long Beach. He and his parents have lived in Long Beach since 1999. He plans to return to Harvard next year.

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