Vehicle Collision on 4th St. Knocks Fire Hydrant Off Base

fire hydrant1

Photos by Asia Morris.

An apparent two-car collision on the corner of Mira Mar Ave. and 4th St. at approximately 5:30PM on Wednesday knocked a fire hydrant completely off its base, temporarily flooding the street.

fire hydrant carAccording to one driver, a vehicle was pulling out of the parking lot of the rehabilitation center and didn't see her oncoming vehicle. The accident is what caused her to swerve into the hydrant. The Long Beach Fire Department and the Long Beach Police Department responded within minutes of a phone call placed by a Mira Mar Ave. resident.  Witnesses at the scene said they ran outside after they heard the accident.   

fire hydrant2The driver and passenger in the vehicle that hit the fire hydrant and swerved left onto Mira Mar Ave. from 4th St. were not injured, but shaken up; the driver of the car pulling out of the lot did not sustain any injuries, either.

LBFD personnel were able to turn off the water and stem the 30 to 40 foot plume, an act met by applause from the thirty or so onlookers watching the scene from outside their homes.

fire hydrant 4

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