3.8 Magnitude Earthquake Gives Long Beach Residents A Little Jolt

According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), a magnitude 3.8 earthquake occurred on Sunday, May 3 at 4:07AM, centered one mile southeast of Baldwin Hills and seven miles southwest of Los Angeles.

The shallow jolt was initially reported as a 3.9 magnitude quake, but was later updated to a 3.8.

Los Angeles Fire Department Spokesman Erik Scott tweeted at 4:21AM that morning that the department was in “Earthquake Mode.” At approximately 5:00AM, it was reported that all 106 of LAFD’s neighborhood fire stations had surveyed over 470 square miles and had found no damage to report. As of 5:05AM it was tweeted that the LAFD was “no longer in earthquake mode.”

According to the USGS’s “Did You Feel It” survey, a handful of Long Beach residents felt the movement and recorded it as “light” or “weak.”

One Long Beach local tweeted, “Woke up to the #earthquake all the way down in Long Beach. Thought I was imagining things, but I was not!”

Other Twitter users seemed unsure if what they had felt was indeed an actual quake, while some described the activity as a “little jolt” and a “mild earthquake.”

This is the third instance of significant seismic activity this month near the Newport-Inglewood fault, according to the survey. A magnitude 3.4 earthquake just two miles northeast of Carson was recorded on April 30, while on April 12 a 3.3 magnitude quake was felt in Culver City, Los Angeles and San Diego and Ventura counties.


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