Little Caesars Love Kitchen to Serve 500 People In Need on Friday


Images courtesy of Little Caesars Love Kitchen on their 30th Anniversary.

The Little Caesars Love Kitchen, a pizza kitchen on wheels, will roll into Long Beach Rescue Mission on Friday, June 26 to provide free pizza for approximately 500 people in need.

littleclovekitchen1“The Love Kitchen was created to provide quality meals for people who need them,” said Little Caesars Zone Vice President Sean Harper in a statement. “As a member of the area business community, it’s important for us to support people when they need it and help make the community stronger. We’re excited to support this program with food and staff to provide a quality meal for people who otherwise may not get one.”

According to the release, the Little Caesars Love Kitchen has fed more than three million people in 48 states and four Canadian provinces.

The organization has also provided disaster relief in the aftermath of tornadoes, hurricanes, as well as the the site of the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001 and the 1995 Federal Building bombing in Oklahoma City.

littleclovekitchen2“We know that it’s important to reach out to the communities where we do business and help make a difference,” said David Scrivano, president and CEO of Little Caesars, Inc., in a statement. “As a family company, we are proud to work together with our local franchisees and company-owned stores to coordinate the vehicle, staff and food and to be there for the people in Long Beach who need assistance.”

Former Presidents Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush awarded The President's Volunteer Action Award Citation to Little Caesars for its volunteers' contributions to the Love Kitchen.

Little Caesars also received a Presidential Citation for Private Sector Initiatives for the Love Kitchen program under the Reagan administration. It has received a certificate of appreciation from the State of Michigan and was recognized by the Detroit City Council for its efforts in the Gulf Coast region.


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