Donate An Old Flag to the 5th Annual Flag Retirement Ceremony and Collection


Photos courtesy of Annual Flag Collection and Retirement Ceremony.

Wondering how to retire the American flags you’ve used and replaced throughout the year? Join local organizers Stratis Financial mortgage broker, Dennis Smith and Boy Scout Troop 29 during Bixby Knolls First Friday festivities to donate your old flags and have them disposed of properly.

flag1Donators can give their flags to Boy Scout Troop 29 in the parking lot at Nino’s Italian Restaurant on Atlantic Avenue at Roosevelt between 6:30PM and 9:30PM. The troop will demonstrate the proper disposal of a natural fiber flag in flame at 7:30PM.

“This is our fifth year and it has really become a great tradition for the July First Fridays event,” said Smith, a Bixby Knolls resident, in a press statement. “We see people who drop by every year with a few flags. And, of course, we have seen the Boy Scouts of Troop 29 grow up over the years. In fact, a few of them have become Eagle Scouts.”

During last year’s ceremony, Troop 29 honored Raymond “Sturges” Bentley who, alongside his brother Robert, served in World War II. The flag that was used to cover Raymond’s coffin at his burial was properly retired.

Retired flags will be donated to the Boy Scouts to use in similar ceremonies, while nylon and other synthetic flags will be buried according to retirement protocol. All those who stop by will have a chance to win a free drawing for two flags, one for an adult and one for a child. The winners will be announced immediately following the flag retirement ceremony.

For more information about the fifth annual Flag Collection and Retirement Ceremony, click here.

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