Long Beach Scottish Rite to Honor Two Outstanding Officers During Law Enforcement Appreciation Night

The public is invited to the Long Beach Scottish Rite's Law Enforcement Appreciation Night on Thursday, July 16, an annual free event featuring a social hour, sit-down dinner, entertainment and the honoring of two police officers from local law enforcement agencies.

Officer Jeremy Boshnack of the Long Beach Police Department (LBPD) and Officer Delia Martinez of the Signal Hill Police Department (SHPD) will be honored by the Masons for their
outstanding dedication to their careers and their ability to go above and beyond the call of duty to better serve and protect their communities.

Jeremy BoshnackBoshnack was an Army veteran living in Long Beach, working as a waiter and going to college when he met a senior Long Beach Patrol Officer who suggested the combination of his experience in the Army and customer service skills as a waiter could make him a successful police officer.

"He really inspired me, and the next day I began my journey," said Boshnack. "About 10 thousand pushups and a year later, I was standing on stage at the Long Beach Performing Arts Center receiving my badge from then-Deputy Chief Robert Luna.

Boshnack was also honored at the 47th Annual Police Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, June 30 as Sworn Employee of the Year.

Boshnack said the honor of this award goes to the patrol officers of the LBPD, who "do amazing work despite today's increasingly adverse environment." He said many of them do great work that goes unrecognized. However, a little recognition can go a long way.

"I believe the saying goes, 'A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.' So remember to thank those who wear the badge, work a beat, and won’t be home on time because the call of duty is more important than their own needs," Boshnack said. 

Delia MartinezMartinez' career as an officer began when she was young. She remembers sitting in her 4th grade classroom at Edison Elementary, waiting with anticipation for the LBPD D.A.R.E. officers to arrive.

"The officers always carried themselves with poise, professional, friendly, showed that they cared and enjoyed their jobs," Martinez said. "Having that image in mind, I wanted to be like them."

Chief of SHPD Michael Langston said Martinez has accomplished just that.

"She is a very professional and proactive officer who has prevented or interrupted many a crime in progress, but also an officer who will volunteer time to go to Miller’s Children’s Hospital to visit with children being treated there," Langston said. 

He explained that Martinez was chosen as 2014 Officer of the Year and was therefore the officer selected to be honored by the Masons.

"I am humbled and honored to receive such recognition, and blessed to have the opportunity to represent the officers of the Signal Hill Police Department," Martinez said. 

The Long Beach Scottish Rite event center is located at 855 Elm Avenue. Law Enforcement Appreciation Night will begin at 5:30PM on Thursday, July 16.

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