Baby Boy Safely Surrendered at Long Beach Fire Station on Sunday

A baby boy was safely surrendered at a Long Beach fire station on Sunday, marking the 14th such surrender in the County of Los Angeles this year, county authorities announced today.

The newborn was placed in protective custody and will be placed with a family approved for adoption by the Department of Children and Family Services, officials said in a statement.

The October 4 surrender follows the surrender of a baby girl at a Montebello hospital on Tuesday, September 29.

“I am thrilled to hear that, in less than a week, two babies have been given a second chance at life and the opportunity to grow up in a loving family thanks to the Safe Surrender program,” County Supervisor Don Knabe said in a statement. “Safe Surrender, an idea born from tragedy, has grown into a truly life-saving, and life-giving program.”

Previously, a baby girl was surrendered at a hospital in Long Beach on Friday, September 11.

To learn more about the Safe Surrender Program, click here.

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