Safety and Slowing Measures Set to Make Broadway a Calmer Corridor

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A slower and safer Broadway will mark the New Year's first city-made improvements, following a traffic study. The improvements are meant to serve as an answer to the concerns of residents in the area, powered by the support of Third District Councilwoman Suzie Price and Vice Mayor Suja Lowenthal, according to Third District Office Director Jack Cunningham.

A combination of concerns and requests from the community, in addition to research conducted by Long Beach’s Traffic Engineer on past accidents, traffic flow and the area’s overall design found adding new safety features as a necessary measure. The Broadway Calming Project will improve the safety of the Broadway corridor by reducing speeds, improving pedestrian safety and making motorists more cautious by reducing the road’s drivable surface, according to Cunningham.

"These improvements will be an important addition to the Broadway Corridor and will improve safety for drivers and pedestrians," said Councilwoman Price. "Traffic safety is a major focus for me, so improving safety for motorists as well as pedestrians along a busy avenue that features both businesses and residences will always be important to making Long Beach a fantastic place to live."

While the speed reduction measures such as a Road Diet, also known as a road rechannelization, are still in development, the City’s Traffic Engineer committed to making several much-needed improvements in January. Five Driver Feedback Signs (or radar speed signs) will be installed along the corridor: two located about 300 feet east and west of Broadway and Orizaba, two located about 450 feet east and west of Broadway at Euclid and one located 260 feet east of Termino Avenue.

Three new crosswalks will be installed at the Newport, Mira Mar and Coronado intersections, while the crosswalk at Broadway and Euclid will be upgraded with flashing beacons. According to Cunningham, if weather permits, the Driver Feedback Signs and Continental Crosswalks will be completed in January, preceding additional phases in February.

This project and the CD-2 Broadway Visioning Study are both a part of a larger initiative by the city to improve the safety of the Broadway corridor. As the soon-to-come improvements are implemented, evaluations will continue into 2016.

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