Long Beach Misses Monthly Water Conservation Goal for Third Time in a Row

The Long Beach Water Department (LBWD) reported Friday that residents and businesses reduced water use in January by 13 percent compared to January 2013, using about 3,770 acre-feet of water, according to the release—three percent less than its monthly target. However, the city has reached its 16 percent cumulative target since it began its required reporting to the State Water Resources Control Board, from June 2015 to January 2016, the LBWD stated. 

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It's the third consecutive time the city has failed to meed its monthly mark. Yet, despite the city's failure to meet its monthly goal, January’s water use was the lowest of any January in the last 50 years—since 1966—stated the report. The state released numbers this week based on reporting through December 2015, and it is also on track to meet its cumulative water conservation goal, despite missing statewide monthly targets for the past four months


“El Niño helped bring more rain and snow to northern California last month than to us here in southern California,” stated Frank Martinez, president of the Board of Water Commissioners. “That’s good news for our reservoirs, but the drought still remains exceptional throughout the state. We cannot scale back on water conservation.”

“We have to stick to our permanent conservation habits, and save every way we can,” said Mayor Robert Garcia in a statement. “There is still a serious water deficit.”

The State Water Resources Control Board mandated that Long Beach cut its water use by 16 percent cumulatively compared to 2013 until February of this year, according to the release. Long Beach’s numbers for the past eight months are as follows:

  • June 2015, 19 percent reduction
  • July 2015, 19 percent reduction
  • August 2015, 17.7 percent reduction
  • September 2015, 18.6 percent reduction
  • October 2015, 16.3 percent reduction
  • November 2015, 11.6 percent reduction
  • December 2015, 9.8 percent reduction
  • January 2016, 13 percent reduction

Long Beach Water’s MissionH2OLB conservation campaign aims to help the city use water more efficiently, meet the state’s target, and still enjoy the community’s lifestyle. By visiting the website here, residents can calculate their water usage, take the pledge to save water and listen to song playlists by two local bands to remind them to take a one-song shower.

For more information on rebates for water-saving devices, click here.  

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