Beachwood Brewing Announces Huntington Beach Expansion Has Yet to Be Finalized


Photo by Asia Morris.

Beachwood Brewing announced last week major plans to expand in an effort to meet, not surprisingly, a steadily increasing demand for its award-winning brews. While it sounds like the news of their intent to take over the recently closed Huntington Beach-based craft brewery, Beach City Brewery, was released prematurely, it goes without saying that a bit of excitement must have played a part in the leak.


Beachwood founder and co-owner Gabriel Gordon said in a statement that the deal to take over the space, that would seek to increase Beachwood Brewing’s production over the next five years to more than 8,000 barrels, has yet to be solidified.

“We are still in the process of securing the proper licenses that will allow us to take over the facility, so we’ve been a bit coy on the topic,” Gordon stated.

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Currently, Beachwood Brewing produces its hankered-for hops solely at its Long Beach brewpub, aside from the sour beers of its Single Barrel Experiments and Propagation Series produced at Beachwood Blendery, also in downtown Long Beach. Once “the purchase of the assets and the transfer of licenses takes place,” the expansion would allow the company to consistently reach more customers, according to Gordon. 


“This will allow us to introduce more consumers to a steady line of Beachwood Brewing products via retail outlets such as bottle shops and grocery stores as well as restaurants and bars throughout Southern California,” stated Gordon. “Our beers are increasingly growing in demand and this production facility allows us to expand at a rate we believe the market can sustain."

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