The Federal Bar Launches New Lunch Menu by Serving Those Who Would Appreciate it Most


Photos by Stephanie Rivera.

The Federal Bar kicked off its new lunch menu today, but not in a way you’d expect. The popular downtown restaurant paid a visit to Beacon for Him Ministries to serve their new menu items to 100 homeless men, women and children, prepared by The Federal Bar’s culinary team, Chef “T” Visoth Ouk and Chef Martin Zamora.

“We realize that there are many among us who don’t get the chance to dine at our restaurant,” stated Jeff Osborn, general manager of The Federal Bar. “Holding this luncheon is our way of including everyone in The Federal Bar’s new lunch menu launch while bringing attention to the city’s growing homelessness concern.”


Clients at Beacon for Him enjoyed The Federal Bar’s specialty Mac & Cheese, signature sandwiches, homemade kettle chips, baked beans and homemade cookies and brownies for dessert, all accompanied by live music.

Norma Anaya, 48, swayed in her seat to the music as she enjoyed her plate. Originally from Mexico, Anaya has been living on the streets for about 10 years.


“It’s a special day because it’s special everything,” said Anaya. “The food, table covers, music, songs, everything. And people coming and sitting together and the restaurant making the food. It’s wonderful.”

“We were excited and thankful when The Federal Bar approached us about serving lunch to our clients,” said Shannon James, president at Beacon for Him Ministries, in a statement. “Our clientele does not get the opportunity to enjoy our local restaurants so this will be very much appreciated.”


For more information about Beacon for Him Ministries, click here. For more information about the Federal Bar in downtown Long Beach, click here.

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