UPDATE: Dinner in the Sky's Long Beach Event Officially Canceled


Images courtesy of Dinner in the Sky. 

UPDATE | The Dinner in the Sky Long Beach event, set to take place this week through September 14 has been officially canceled, according to event organizers via email. The announcement came after city officials said the company had not obtained the required permitting for the event, and after a reader told the Post he'd been informed of the cancellation in an email. 

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"It is with a heavy heart that we announce the cancellation of Dinner In The Sky," read an email sent by Sheva from Dinner in the Sky. "Due to unforeseen regulatory issues beyond our control we are unable to proceed with the event at this time. All customer refunds are being processed."

No phone number is available on the website, and it appears all complaints or inquiries through the website must be handled via email. A toll-free number is listed on the company's Facebook page: 855.550.0611. 

PREVIOUSLY: UPDATE: Dinner in the Sky Has Not Acquired Necessary Permits, According to City

On 08/15/16 at 6:27PM | Dinner in the Sky, the dinner service claiming to offer fine dining suspended in the air above Long Beach, has been selling tickets without securing the proper permitting that would allow the event to occur in the city, with the use of a crane, according to city officials. One Long Beach resident told the Post he'd been told the event was formally canceled. 

"The organization never had a permit," said Long Beach spokeswoman Kerry Gerot. "The did not submit all required documents." 

The Long Beach Post received a call from a reader Monday afternoon who said he'd been informed that the event in Long Beach had been canceled through an email from the organization. The reader, who wished to remain anonymous, said he was currently trying to secure a refund, although the company gave no insight as to if such a refund would be possible. 

Reviews on Yelp for a similar event that was scheduled to occur in Los Angeles last month but was canceled due to its supposed relocation to Long Beach complain of cancellations without refunds. The 16 reviews are overwhelmingly negative, offering a single star for the event. 

Gerot said the company would likely not receive a permit as the crane manufacturer Link-Belt clearly states the device is not to be used as an attachment for "recreational activities, temporary amusement rides, or publicity stunts." 

The bulletin, forwarded to the Post by Gerot, says these prohibited activities also include bungee jumping, bungee swings, bungee cord jumping, "dinner platforms or any other similar activities."

"So, this is something the company is clearly aware of," Gerot said. 

The organizers of the event have not responded to a request for comment.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

PREVIOUSLY: Dinner in the Sky to Bring Fine Dining to New Heights in Long Beach

On 8/11/16 | Not only will the acreage around The Queen Mary be utilized for many an attraction in the foreseeable future, but apparently the air above the ocean liner will be put to good use as well, in the form of the famed Dinner in the Sky. 


The Belgian-based company has hosted more than 5,000 dinner events in 40 different cities worldwide, from the Marina of Dubai to Copacabana Beach, and now beginning Monday, August 15, guests can dine at new heights right here in Long Beach.

Participants can enjoy an unusual fine dining experience high above Long Beach for the starting price of $399.95, which buys you a four-course meal and one glass of champagne. For 699.96, however, you’ll receive a five-course meal, free flowing champagne in the lounge area (might be a good idea to liquor up beforehand if you’re afraid of heights) and one glass of champagne in the air.


A “First Class” booking will buy you a five-course meal, free flowing champagne in both the lounge and the air, caviar, VIP seating and more. However, if you can’t stomach the height, be sure to consider your ability to stomach the food, because all sales are final.

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Dinners run nightly starting Monday, August 15 through Wednesday, September 14. Click here to reserve a seat and visit the Facebook page for up-to-date information here.

Dinner in the Sky will be located at 1126 Queens Highway.  

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